Thakkhola thakali cuisine
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Thakkhola thakali cuisine is located at Naya bato, Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur just opposite to former bigmart and very near to ideal model school.The best part of this restaurant is, they don’t charge VAT or Service charge and the worst part is it’s difficult to park your vehicle as its located at the side of busy road.

Naya bato, Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur

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Order queuing time (approx)
15 minutes

Mutton thakali set | Rs 410 (No VAT, No SC) | ®️ Rating: 4/5
Chicken thakali set | Rs 375 (No VAT, No SC) | ®️ Rating: 3/5
When I last visited this place 6 months back, they served perfect thakali set. Now the quality has degraded. Still they served good food than other regular thakali kitchen. Curry and pickle needs to be improved a lot.mutton-thakali-set

Additional Service charge (10%) 

Additional VAT (13%)

Ambience & cleanliness.
Beautiful place, neatly arranged and friendly staff.
Rating 3/5