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This beautiful restaurant is located at Museum marg, Chauni before reaching Sitapaila chowk.  The restaurant is big with ample parking space, small garden and lots of seating space.

Museum marg, Chauni, Kathmandu, Nepal

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Buff sukuti, crispy chicken

Parking Available

Accept Cards

WiFi Available

Order queuing time (approx)
15 minutes (Rating : 3/5)

Smoking allowed

Crispy chicken
Tastes delicious. Nice mix of breadcrumb and chicken. Little bit oily.
Rs 310
Rating 4/5
crispy chicken
Buff sukuti shadeko
They serves very delicious buff sukuti. Right mix of spices. Tastes very good. Everything is great but the proportion is bit less.
Rs 230
Rating 4/5
buff sukuti shadeko
Chicken momo
Momo is also good. But tastes like a regular momo available in any restaurant.
Rs 160
Rating 3/5
chicken momo

French toast
It needs to be fried after it is soaked in eggs and milk. I think it’s not fried properly. Taste is fine though!
Rs 130
Rating 2/5
Buff fried rice
Rs 150
Buff fried rice is ok. More buff fried needs to be added.
buff fried rice
Buff fry momo
Rs 200
Tastes good although it tastes bit raw. It needs to be fried bit more.
buff fry momo
Chicken wings
Rs 275
This one tastes really awesome. Bit more hot sauce is added rest everything is great.
chicken wings

Additional service charge (10%)

Additional VAT (13%)

Budget friendly (Price)
The restaurant doesn’t charge extra VAT and SC. The food price are quite reasonable
Crispy chicken – 4/5
Buff sukuti shadeko – 2/5
Chicken momo – 5/5

Ambiance & cleanliness
The restaurant is beautiful with ample space. Foods served are delicious but more cleanliness is required.
Rating 3/5

* Menu taken on March 2018. May subject to change currently. Please consult with them for updated price.
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