Naulo Restaurant
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A unique restaurant with modern technology. Foods are served by robots and menus are displayed in KIOSK over your table. That sounds interesting. Isn’t it?

Dubarmarg, Kathmandu

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Order queuing time (approx)
20 minutes

Corn Sadheko | Rs 220 (Add 10% service charge, Add 13% VAT ) | ®️ Rating: 4/5
Corn sadheko is spicy and yummy. Looks good and delicious
Corn Sadheko

Chicken Kothey Momo | Rs 275 (Add 10% service charge, Add 13% VAT ) | ®️ Rating: 1/5
Momo was really bad. Bit dry and tasteless.
Chicken Kothey Momo

Chicken Biryani | Rs 400 (Add 10% service charge, Add 13% VAT ) | ®️ Rating: 5/5
Biryani is really delicious. Looks good and tastes awesome! Perfect mix with chicken and rice!
Chicken Biryani

Blended Iced Mocha | Rs 285 (Add 10% service charge, Add 13% VAT ) | ®️ Rating: 3/5
It’s good. I like the volume and nice blend of espresso with chocolate syrup.
Blended Iced Mocha

Black Magic | Rs 600(Add 10% service charge, Add 13% VAT ) | ®️ Rating: 1/5
Cocktail looks different as they have used grenadine syrup instead of coffee liqueur like Kahlua so it looked pink. It should be bit dark. And even the glass used is wrong. They should use rock glass. And above all price is also high. With VAT and SC it costed Rs 738 which is very high for such a simple cocktail that has only one base liquor. This is total disaster.
The ingredients for this cocktail
Black Magic (Vodka-45ml + coffee liqueur (kahlua or any)-25ml + lemon juice-15ml),  Garnish: Lime twist or peel, Glass: Old Fashioned/Rocks, Method: Stir and Strain, Direction: Pour all ingredients into mixing glass with ice cubes. Stir over ice, strained into rock glass.)
Black Magic

Additional Service charge (10%) 

Additional VAT (13%)

Ambience & cleanliness ®️ Rating: 5/5
Ambience is really good. If you like technology then this is must visit. Everything is so good and perfect. Staffs are friendly too.