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If you love music then this place is must visit for you. The restaurant has maintained it’s musical theme with CDs and Cassette cover all over the area. Decent, small and beautiful with good food.

Bakhundole, Lalitpur

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10 minutes

Akhbare dalle wings | Rs 400 (Add 13% VAT, Add 10% SC) | ®️ Rating: 4/5
This one is good too. Hot wings rolled over Akhbare chillies. It looks very hot and chilly but it isn’t. Very delicious.
Akhbare dalle wings

Crispy chicken slider | Rs 375 (Add 13% VAT, Add 10% SC) | ®️ Rating: 5/5

I love this one. So beautiful and delicious. Very crispy. You will get 3 sliders along with fries Slider is an American term for a small sandwich, typically 5-7 cm across, made with a bun. Slider may also be called as small hamburgers. There’s a huge debate about slider not being a mini burger as sliders are cooked on a griddle with onions and pickles piled atop patty.

Crispy chicken slider

Additional Service charge (10%) 

Additional VAT (13%)

Ambience & cleanliness (3/5)
This is really beautiful eatery. Good customer service and clean environment. Sometimes you may feel the restaurant focuses tourist than local.

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