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A very beautiful restaurant with ample space and beautiful garden. It used to a very beautiful and happening place but thesedays it seems the restaurant is not maintained properly.

Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur, Nepal

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Order queuing time (approx)
20 minutes

3 Meat Pizza | Rs 590 (Add 10% service charge, Add 13% VAT) | ®️ Rating: 3/5
Meat content is good. It consists Ham, Chicken and Salami with mozzarella cheese. It is delicious but nothing much different than regular pizza found elsewhere.

Chicken momo | Rs 290 (Add 10% service charge, Add 13% VAT) | ®️ Rating: 4/5
This tastes better. Very delicious and hygienic. I like the keema and flour proportion. It’s proper.

Additional Service charge (10%) 


Additional VAT (13%)

Ambience & cleanliness (2/5)
Used to a very clean and beautiful place. Staffs are not friendly at all. if you are in small group they won’t notice you. Washroom is not so clean. Floor needs to be cleaned properly. Many room for improvement. It feels bad to keep calling waiter to take order, for water and so on…

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