Level 3 restaurant
Ref : 021

This beautiful restaurant is located at the top floor of Labim mall. Very beautiful, well decorated and well maintained.

Labim mall, Pulchowk, Lalitpur


Parking Available
Yes (paid)

Hours opened

Accept Cards

Wi-Fi Available

Order queing time (approx)
21 minutes (Rating : 1/5)

Smoking allowed

Arabic Meat Platter (Chicken)
The platter is available with chicken as well as lamb. Served with hummus, consists of Shish taouk, chicken askander, chicken and mutton kebab etc. Hummus and Shish taouk are too delicious. 
Rs 900 (inclusive of 10% SC and 13% VAT)
Rating 4/5
Arabic meat platter

Chicken sizzler | Rs 650 (inclusive of 13% VAT and 10% SC) | ®️ Rating: 5/5
Perfect chicken sizzler. Well marinated in spices and sauces. Bakes potatos being served with sizzler is good and even noodles tastes delicious. Chicken quality is good. Very less bones and meat content is high.

Additional Service charge (10%)
Yes but included in menu price

Additional VAT (13%)
Yes but included in menu price

Budget friendly (Price)
The platter can serve two people and the price of Rs 900 is fine. I consider it budget friendly.

Ambience & cleanliness
The restaurant is very beautiful, well maintained but in some place cleanliness needs to be maintained. The ambience looks very beautiful during night time than day time due to surrounding lights and glowing chairs/stands.
Rating 4/5

* Menu taken on July 2018. May subject to change currently. Please consult with them for updated price.
** Rating standard at https://goodfoodnepal.com/rating-standard-2018

They have lowered price on selected foods than 4 months back. Access old Menu at http://bit.ly/2NW29u3 and http://bit.ly/2vpo0lL which was taken on March 2018.