Koyla Lounge and Bar
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Cool place to hangout with your friends. It’s looking better than my last visit.

Newroad, Kathmandu

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Order queuing time (approx)
20 minutes

Chicken Momo | Rs 240 ®️ Rating: 2/5
It tastes bad. Mild and not tasty at all.
Chicken Momo

Chinese Chopsuey | Rs 420 ®️ Rating: 5/5
This tastes better. The presentation is good and food is yummy.
Chinese Choupsey

Pizza Piccante Al Polla | Rs 655 ®️ Rating: 3/5
This tastes delicious but too much onions and capsicum and even onion pieces are not chopped evenly. Chicken pieces are too less.
Pizza Piccante Al Polla

Additional Service charge (10%) 

Additional VAT (13%)

Ambience & cleanliness ®️ Rating: 3/5
There are many seating area. It’s located at top floor in a building in busy street of New road. Top floor looks fairly clean and cosy compared to floor below it which is dirty and messy.