Dining Park Restaurant
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A beautiful restaurant with ample space, good parking area, rooftop and indoor seating arrangement.

Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu

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Order queuing time (approx)
20 minutes

Dining Park Special Platter | Rs 1250 (Add 10% service charge, Add 13% VAT) | ®️ Rating: 1/5
This is definitely not a good idea to spend Rs 1250 for such a miserable dish. Volume is disaster. Unfortunately, they have added too many sasuage and potato wedges which doesn’t cost much in the market. I felt so cheated with this.
Dining Park Special Platter

Mustang Ko Piro Aloo | Rs 245.37 (Add 10% service charge, Add 13% VAT) | ®️ Rating: 5/5
This is a must try dish. Potato is really delicious and even the pickel served with this has complemented it nicely.
Mustang Ko Piro Aloo

Additional Service charge (10%) 

Additional VAT (13%)

Ambience & cleanliness ®️ Rating: 4/5
A posh restaurant located in a busy street of Old Baneshwor. Staffs are friendly and there are lots of seating area.

* Menu taken on March 2019. May subject to change currently. Please consult with them for updated price.