Airport Sekuwa Ghar
Ref : 127

A simple restaurant with delicious nepalese lunch/dinner set. Easilly accessible, located by the side of airport road. It is situated just next to Regal Airport Hotel.

Airport road, Kathmandu, Nepal

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Order queuing time (approx)
20 minutes

Mutton thali | Rs 340 (Add 10% Service Charge, No VAT)| ®️ Rating: 4/5
Lunch set provided over here is delicious. Although it looks normal but the taste is really good. Mutton tastes good but curry needs to be improved a little.
Chicken Thali

Chicken sekuwa | Rs 200 (Add 10% Service Charge, No VAT)| ®️ Rating: 3/5
This tastes good but volume is bit low.
Chicken Sekuwa

Additional Service charge (10%) 

Additional VAT (13%)

Ambience & cleanliness ®️ Rating: 2/5
There are many things to be improved. Area needs to be cleaned properly and seating arrangement should be arranged properly. Little bit messy.

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