Achaar Ghar
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Achaar ghar is really a very beautiful place. A heaven for anyone who love pickles. The best thing I like about them is they serve NINE varieties of pickles along with any food you order. If you love pickles then this is MUST visit place. You can also buy your favorite pickle just below the restaurant.

Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur, Nepal

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15 minutes

Chicken jhol momo | Rs 299 (Add 10% service charge, Add 13% VAT) | ®️ Rating: 5/5
This one is very delicious. Soup is thick and momo tastes really good. Perfect! Add some mix pickle with akabare pickle and make it more delicious. Yummy!!
Chicken jhol momo

Tareko chara (chicken) | Rs 399 (Add 10% service charge, Add 13% VAT) | ®️ Rating: 5/5
This also tastes really good. Volume is bit less. Still it’s really good. To get awesome taste, eat with Mixed pickle and Timmur ko chhop.
Tareko chara (chicken)

Chicken rice chop | Rs 369 (Add 10% service charge, Add 13% VAT) | ®️ Rating: 2/5
I didnt get it’s taste. Small portion of chicken inside rice patties. I didn’t like it much but I ate all. :p
chicken rice chop

Juju dhau fruit salad | Rs 219 (Add 10% service charge, Add 13% VAT) | ®️ Rating: 2/5
This is relieving after eating so much spicies and chillies.. Tastes average!
juju dhau fruit salad

Additional Service charge (10%) 


Additional VAT (13%)

Ambience & cleanliness (4/5)
The seating area is bit congested but they do have outside seating too. Staffs are very friendly and keeps attending you.

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